Start using Premier Research Labs products for nutritional supplementation and experience the top quality, excipient-free, cellular resonant support of nourishment to your body.

Ameo Essential Oils

Besides the alluring aromas, Essential Oils have been shown to have a very supportive impact on health and wellness and should be a component of everyone’s plan for optimal health. Ameo Essential Oils are considered one of the top product lines available in this country and are available for purchase at Zenergy. Essential Oil education is also available through Zenergy.

EE Body Gear

Take Scalar Wave technology everywhere you go with EESystem Scalar charged pendants and Bracelets and have a “cocoon” of scalar protection against harmful radiant energies at all times.

Sunrider Products

The herbal formulas of Sunrider products excel at assisting any efforts toward detoxing your body.

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Inversion therapy is felt to have many health benefits and the spinal decompression accomplished with the inversion therapy can be a game changer in terms of back health.

iMRS2000 and Omnium1 PEMF Therapy Equipment

Although this therapy is offered at our center, PEMF therapy with the iMRS2000 is most effective if used daily, making it more practical to use in the home.

T-Zone Whole Body Vibration Device

Whole-body vibration, which has been shown to be beneficial for vascular and lymphatic circulation as well as bone density, is offered as a therapy session at Zenergy.

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